My ADSB Aircraft Data & LiveATC Audio Feeder

Note: I am doing fine tuning and maintenance so if things appear to freeze or are not what you expect please refresh the page. Thanks

Thru my partnership with I am able to bring you audio from the tower and ground at PBIA from this page. Click Play in the player at the bottom of this page to listen live!

* This feeder is located about .25 miles off the west end of runway 10L/28R    
* Tower and Ground Audio is available at the bottom of the page
* All of the feeds for KPBI and KLNA are provided to from this feeder site
* If you are listening to audio on this page it will continue, click pause in the player to stop it
* Click the folded map icon in the top middle of the page to hide the list on the right to allow viewing of more area. 
* Depending on aircraft altitude the ADSB Range is currently from Titusville to Key West.
* For non-touch screens, zoom in and out with the scroll wheel on your mouse while over the map
* KPBI is the cluster of dark aircraft, if you zoom in you will see the airport detail including taxiway labels
* Click or tap on any aircraft for more information and track
* Use the gear icon on the top right to turn on additional layers of info I recommend NEXRAD and show Aircraft Labels

Useful Links

KPBI TRACON Briefing FAA INFORMATION Current KPBI Current Weather

More audio is available from Click here to see all available feeds

  • This feed contains both Ground and Tower for KPBI
  • Ground is on the Left Channel and Tower on the Right Channel